Club Championship News

04/12/2005 3rd Heat Postponed until new year

As the skipper of "AJ&W Plumbing" is off somewhere until Christmas, everyone decided to wait for him to come back rather than risk a replacement who would probably be better. We'll let you know when a date has been set (the crew of Flash is happy - they reckon the wind is lighter after christmas!).

19/11/2005 AJ&W makes it 2 from 2

The crew of "AJ&W Plumbing" have made it 2 wins from 2 heats after overtaking "Flash" on the last spinnaker run of the 2nd heat. The race started pooly for AJ&W as they were about 3 minutes late for the start, but they gradually wore down the leaders. First "The Bailing Company" nose-dived with AJ&W just behind and then, with only half a lap to go, they were about 30 seconds behind Flash when a wave knocked Flash's crew off and caused it to capsize leaving AJ&W a clear leader and with only about 1km left in the race it looked all over.

But a bloody big ship got in the way of the final rounding mark allowing Flash to get sailing again and run up alongside AJ&W eventually rounding right behind for a tense tacking duel to the finish. AJ&W won by about 4 boatlengths.

29/10/2005 AJ&W Wins the first heat

Jeff Riley, Todd Anderson and Gavin Castle, sailing "AJ&W Plumbing" got off to a great start in the 2005-2006 16ft Skiff Club Championship with a win in the 1st heat from "Flash", sailed by Dick Hadley, Dean Castle and Doug Bennett and then "The Bailing Company" sailed by Morgan Frew, Arran Gore and Chris Hayman.

The start was very even with Flash and The Bailing Company leading the way. It didn't take long for AJ&W to get into the groove as it overtook the other 2 and from then on was never headed and built up a handy 3 minute lead. It did, however, slow down on the last lap as the wind died to let Flash close to about a minute behind at the finish.