Very Crowded Under the Bed

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Very Crowded Under The Bed (Smythey Not Happy)

30 knot westerly wind keeps all but the bravest (i.e. 2 young kids) ashore on the opening day of the season!

With a forecast of 40+ knots the sailors decided to put the grand opening back one week and content themselves with finally doing some of that off-season maintenance. Pictured below are the crews of "The Bailing Company" and the replacement for "Rocket" (what should they call the new skiff? - a free spam listing for the best entry) :

Rumour has it that this is to be a common theme in this season's racing - the red boat behind the blue     ;-)

Hopefully we will soon bring you some pictures of young Bill and Ned Nissen who actually took to the water in the strong wind. On the downhill runs they were planing with their bow out of the water right back to the centrecase - impressive stuff. Expect to see a lot more from them this season!